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• The article discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way people work, shop, and interact with each other.
• It outlines the various measures that have been taken to reduce the spread of the virus, such as social distancing, virtual meetings, and contactless delivery.
• It also looks at how people are adapting to these changes and highlights some of the benefits of this ‘new normal’.

Impact of Covid-19 on Daily Life

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our daily lives in many ways. People have had to adjust their routines and habits in order to keep themselves and others safe from potential infection.

Social Distancing

The most important measure implemented by governments across the world is social distancing – keeping two metres away from other people when out in public spaces or indoors. This helps reduce transmission of the virus by reducing close contact between individuals.

Changes at Work & School

In addition to social distancing, many workplaces have adopted remote working or flexible working hours to help ensure staff safety. Schools have also moved to online learning for students while campuses remain closed.

Contactless Services

Many businesses have switched to contactless delivery services or online shopping platforms in order to minimize physical contact between customers and staff members while still providing goods and services. This has helped reduce risk but also provided convenience for customers who can now shop without leaving home.

Adapting To The New Normal

Although it can be difficult adjusting to these changes, there are some positives that come with them too – stronger connections with family members through virtual calls, more time spent outdoors exercising safely, less traffic on roads due to fewer commuters etc. Overall we are seeing new ways of living emerge as society adjusts to life during a pandemic