RSK Token increased 30% after the founder appeared in a podcast

The RIF had a good price increase hours after its founder appeared in the Pomp podcast.

RSK Token increased 30% after the founder appeared in a podcastNOTÍCIAS

RIF, the utility token for the RSK intelligent contract Bitcoin Era network, skyrocketed more than 30% in price after an appearance by its founder at the 13 January edition of the Pomp Podcast. The gain amounts to a $36 million increase in RIF market capitalisation, most of it in the last 12 hours.

RIF, short for „RSK Infrastructure Framework“, is the token used as payment for decentralised infrastructure services operating under the RSK protocol, such as e-commerce solutions and network bridges. The services are purchased in a market hosted by the network and are built using the RSK protocol. This makes them interoperable between various platforms enabled by intelligent contracts such as Ethereum and EOS.

During the one-hour interview, RSK and IOVLabs founder Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar discussed the origins of their fascination with Bitcoin, the genesis of RSK and IOVLabs, and why he is confident that 2021 will be a productive year in terms of preparing Bitcoin’s infrastructure for mass adoption.

He also answered questions from listeners and offered his opinion on several important issues, including censorship by service providers, DeFi, and what he felt the endgame should be for developers in his industry.

„The first decentralised financial protocol is Bitcoin. The ultimate goal is to provide all the financial services that exist today in centralized models, to provide them in a decentralized and peer-to-peer manner. ”
Gutierrez-Zaldivar praised the successes of Ethereum in reiterating his long-held belief that Bitcoin should be the base layer for the development of intelligent contracts executed in decentralised networks. His conclusion is based on six years‘ experience in developing bridges to connect independent platforms.

„I am fully aligned with Ethereum’s objectives. Perhaps the main difference is that I think the first layer should be Bitcoin, because you need a value reserve that is as censorship-resistant – as neutral – as possible. ”
With a roadmap to RSK that extends over a decade into the future, Gutierrez-Zaldivar emphasized a long-term mentality for his company and hopes that one day it will be „an important layer of protection for the Bitcoin economy and infrastructure.

Gutierrez-Zaldivar believes that RSK reflects the culmination of the advances made in decentralized software and that by 2021 all the components necessary for „crypto systems to function exactly like fintechs“ are available, with the last step making the systems converge.

„These technologies have the potential to include half of the population that today is excluded from the financial system and therefore doomed to be poor forever, because they have no means to progress and grow. That’s why I think this is so relevant, and that’s why we are doing what we do. ”
On January 6, Binance announced that it would list the RIF trading pairs. The RIF price is currently up 40% since the beginning of the year.